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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Solanaceae — various peppers.


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New Latin, believed to from Latin capsa ("box"), after the fruit shape.


  • But, as much as it seems at home elsewhere, the colorful, varied genus of fruit known as Capsicum began in South America.

    Hungry Magazine

  • For inflammation of the eyes, with a relaxed state of the membranes covering the eyeballs and lining the lids, the diluted juice of the Capsicum is a sovereign remedy.

    Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure

  • Cayenne - Cayenne pepper (also called Capsicum frutescens) is a stimulating herb made from the dried pods of chili peppers and is well known for its pungent taste and smell.


  • Most texts refer to nioras and ñoras only as members of the Capsicum annuum family; in other words, as domesticated peppers.

    Recipe for Seafood and Vegetable Stew with Rouille (Red Pepper Sauce)

  • However, in Catalan Cuisine, Colman Andrews says pepper scholar Charles Perry thinks the nyora [ñora] pepper is the variety scientifically called Capsicum annuum grossum/provar.

    Recipe for Seafood and Vegetable Stew with Rouille (Red Pepper Sauce)

  • Ms. Coelho, who not only can wax poetic about the female epiphytic cycad in the Botanical Garden's New World Lowland Rainforest exhibit or the incendiary Capsicum chinense peppers in the Edible Garden area but who also spars gamely with chipmunks on her own property, in Putnam Valley couldn't have been more generous with her time or patient with my level of horticultural idiocy.

    Growing Tomatoes With a Pro

  • Special mentions go to Kat from Book Thingo, who I now know in the flesh as well as via IM, and to the Capsicum Girls, who made me a gift of a yellow capsicum with a heart drawn on the stem to remember them by.

    Books, Awesome Things, Vegetables « shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows

  • Indeed i am anther Capsicum girl.. in fact i commented before.. ive just finished your book…. and without being a cliched or stereotypical teenage girl… OMG.

    Sydney Launch « shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows

  • What I learned in class and actual use of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) spray how do you check your spray?

    Be Careful in Bear Country

  • Add Capsicum annuum to the list of ingredients, including nuts and pork, that restaurants should consider flagging in their menu descriptions.

    Ask Tom


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