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  • proper n. The type and sole genus of Carchariidae; the sand sharks.


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  • The braided, anti-tangle cords on the Carcharias are a godsend.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Gadgets

  • The only fish, then, capable of swallowing a man would be a large specimen of the white shark (Carcharias vulgaris), that dreaded enemy of sailors, and the most voracious of the family of

    Smith's Bible Dictionary

  • Fully developed man-eating shark (Carcharias melanopterus), left view. r1 first, r2 second dorsal fin, s tail-fin,

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 2

  • Orca and bear a striking resemblance to the Carcharias headset just without a microphone.

    Overclockers Club news Feed

  • Despite Razer's claim that the Carcharias can be worn by gamers for

    CNET Australia

  • As such, they're not only gamer suitable - almost anyone who wanted a decent quality set of headphones could do well with the Carcharias.

    CNET Australia

  • The local Carcharias species that most Aussies would be familiar with would be the Grey Nurse Shark, noted for being relatively slow, placid creatures.

    CNET Australia

  • Gamers who want uber-flashy gaming headphones won't like the oddly named Carcharias, but those who don't want to glow in the dark will.

    CNET Australia

  • The Carcharias headphones have stereo speakers (naturally enough) with a stated frequency response of 20-20,000Hz and a rated power of 200mW via two 40mm drivers.

    CNET Australia

  • Volume is controlled via an in-line microphone that sits in the middle of the Carcharias 3m cable.

    CNET Australia


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