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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Caricaceae — the papayas.


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  • Biological plants located nearby will help control the reproduction of the lifecycle such as Carica papaya, Musa x paradisiaca, Caltropis giganta, and Azadirachta indica

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  • The valley is also known for the huge variety of native and introduced tropical fruits: Achras sapota, Manilkara achras, Chrysophyllum caimito, Pouteria cainito, Persea americana, Mammea americana, Anacardium occidentale, Carica papaya, Annona muricata, Manguifera indica and more.

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  • The characteristic species of the hills are the cardo de lomas (Cactáceas), amancaes (Hymenocallis amancaes), tara (Caesalpinia tara), papaya silvestre (Carica sp.) and others otras.

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  • Below 2,700 meters, the forest becomes more rich in species such as cedar, cetico [trumpet-wood] and relatives of papaya (Carica spp).

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  • On Morotai, large tracts of lowland rain forest were cultivated with papaya (Carica papaya) during World War II.

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  • Some other endemics in other families include Siparuna scadens, Carica cnidoscoloides, Rondeletia ginettei, Anthurium cerroplonenese, A. subovatum, A. yetlense, and Synognium sagittatum.

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  • Another popular drink is made with papaya (Carica papaya), a fruit used extensively in blended drinks and salads and for tenderizing meat, but less well known for its seeds.

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  • Angola, both for my own sake and that of the inhabitants, we had carried a pot containing a little plantation of orange, cashew-trees, custard-apple-trees (‘anona’), and a fig-tree, with coffee, aracas (‘Araca pomifera’), and papaws (‘Carica papaya’).

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  • Papaya Papayas are species of the genus Carica, a native of the American tropics that looks like a small tree but is actually a large herbaceous plant.

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  • They have also got the papaw on the Coast, the Carica papaya of botanists.

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