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  • adj. Of or relating to Rudolf Carnap (1891–1970), influential German-born philosopher, an advocate of logical positivism.


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Carnap +‎ -ian


  • But I also think original meaning (that is, Fregean sense, Carnapian intension, or Millian connotation) is interpretively binding.


  • Sellars 'sophisticated account of the nature and import of theoretical reasoning in natural science, however, enabled him to develop a systematic naturalistic alternative to Quine's influential critique of Carnapian logical empiricism.

    Wilfrid Sellars

  • Take, for example, a simple Carnapian semantics that assigns to each sentence the set of possible worlds where it is true.


  • Neurath's pluralism is integrative of natural and social sciences, and it is in this holistic sense that it was a pragmatic and epistemic argument for unity of science without Carnapian reductions.

    The Unity of Science

  • Carnapian analyticities do not therefore express propositions that we hold to be true unconditionally, nor true merely relative to their own framework.

    Vienna Circle

  • I think the Fregean sense, Carnapian intension, and Millian connotation ("meaning") of constitutional language are fixed at the founding, but its Fregean reference, Carnapian extension, and Millian denotation ("application") are not.


  • Gardner's Carnapian tolerance of various geometries is but another symptom of a deeper antirealism, one which affects his view of all mathematics.

    Facing Up to Realism

  • I'm not completely clear on it, but it seems like it is supposed to be a combination of Kantian and Carnapian perspectives.

    Words and Other Things

  • Carnapian because it does this through Carnap's general setup of linguistic frameworks.

    Words and Other Things


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