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  • n. A genus of plants in the family Aizoaceae, includes sea figs and highway ice plant.


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Ancient Greek καρπός (karpós, "fruit") + βρωτός (brōtós, "edible")


  • These include coastal tourism development and urbanization; intensive agriculture through irrigation systems, conversion of natural to agricultural land, overuse and pollution of water bodies; forest fires, mainly due to human negligence and arson; unsustainable collection of rare, wild plant species; hunting; and the spread of invasive species, promoted by human-induced changes to the coastal zone (i.e. exotic species introduced for gardening, such as Carpobrotus edulis and Agave americana).

    Tyrrhenian-Adriatic sclerophyllous and mixed forests

  • Washingtonia robusta 1 7.3 7.3 0.040 Carpobrotus edulis 3 9.29 35.3 0.210 TOTALS

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  • Native vegetation that has escaped clearing for pasture is threatened by introduced species such as Japanese red cedar (Cryptomeria japonica), the Incenso tree (Pittosporum undulatum), kahili ginger (Hedychium gardnerianum), Hottentot fig (Carpobrotus edulis), Gunnera tinctoria, and Clethra arborea (native to Madeira Island).

    Azores temperate mixed forests

  • Washingtonia robusta Mexican Fan Palm 12.01.2007 8 Carpobrotus edulis Hottentot Fig 12.01.2007

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