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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the subtribe Cassiinae — the cassia tree.


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Latin cassia ("cinnamon")


  • CASSIA SEED: (58. 5mg) Cassia seeds are sweet, bitter and salty in flavor, slightly cold in nature, and are associated with the Liver, Kidney and Large

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  • "Cassia" -- an error which undoubtedly arose, originally, from the very common habit among illiterate people of sinking the sound of the letter

    The Symbolism of Freemasonry

  • Cassia is a D’Anu witch whose birthright ensures power and honor beyond imagination.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • Beautiful Slim Body soft capsules contain multiple plants with natural slimming effect, such as Cassia Seed, Coicis, Mulberry Leaf, Lotus Leaf, Mustard, Medical Amylum.

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  • Estimates for losses to small farmers because of ConAgra's termination are difficult to calculate with any precision, but are expected to be in the tens of millions of dollars in prime potato country such as Cassia, Bingham, Bonneville and Fremont counties.


  • The best way to get there is by the "Cassia Bis" (SS 2bis), a four-lane, divided highway that runs parallel to the ancient Roman Via Cassia (a two-lane road usually clogged with suburban traffic), through farmland of rolling hills.

    Drives That Leave the City Behind

  • The Cinnamon that we get in the US is actually Cassia which has a high level of coumarin.

    Chai Cupcakes with Cinnamon-Honey Buttercream

  • Jon Wai-keung Lowe (who researched, wrote, and directed Breaking the Cassia Bough), spent approximately 15 minutes talking about Chinese opera, what makes the music from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) different from the sounds modern audiences associate with Chinese opera, and the artistic process which finally enabled him to overcome his resistance to Chinese opera.

    George Heymont: Asian-American Artists at the San Francisco Fringe Festival

  • It took very little for the promotional material for Breaking the Cassia Bough to pique my interest.

    George Heymont: Asian-American Artists at the San Francisco Fringe Festival

  • Joos donned a flowing turquoise maxidress with a deep neck and delicate silver chains across her sternum, designed by Lebanese designer Jacques Cassia, provided by Resurrection Vintage.

    Emily Singer: Fetes Natalie Joos And The New 'Tales Of Endearment'


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