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  • noun The political and socioeconomic principles and policies of Fidel Castro.

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  • noun a form of communism developed in Cuba by Fidel Castro


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  • The conservative defense of Pinochet was that he was the least-bad option; better the path of Pinochet than the path toward Castroism, which is where Chile was heading before the general seized power.


  • My essay on "Castroism," for one, has nothing to say on these subjects.

    Multiple Simultaneous Submissions

  • D. Tree – maybe you can educate us as to what Marixm, Leninism, Castroism and Chavezism IS?

    Obama did not order Van Jones' resignation, adviser says

  • This feels like an unprecedented moment in the history of Castroism.

    The End May Be Near

  • I believed profoundly in Zionism in the way that my contemporaries believed profoundly in Maoism or Castroism or whatever.

    Fresh Air Remembers Historian Tony Judt

  • Ramparts was an open mic for Castroism and helped author the myth of Saint Che by secretly obtaining and publishing the Guevara diaries.

    Ron Radosh » Reading “Ramparts” in the 21st Century: A Look Back at the 60’s Major Left-wing Magazine

  • Street's brief against Obama would apply to every candidate people on this website seem to be considering supporting: that the candidate does not think American power is necessarily a force for bad in the world if exercised appropriately and with restraint; that democratic capitalism and social democracy are more promising systems to foster third world development than Marxism, Chavezism, or Castroism; and that long-established institutions deserve respect.

    Report: Obama Successfully Wooing Some Former Hillary Donors

  • But dance also serves as a metaphor: ordinary Cubans, desperate for U.S. dollars to buy luxuries like medicine and fresh milk, delicately tip-toe the line between Castroism and capitalism to earn more than their allotted share.


  • Calling coffee "a life and death" issue, late U.S. senator Hubert Humphrey warned that "Castroism will spread like a plague through Latin America" unless something was done to stabilize coffee prices.

    Trouble Brewing

  • Anything that is not a democracy is automatically favoured by the Left Bathism ,Islam , Castroism.

    Lefties at War


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