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  • n. A genus of plants, belonging to the natural order Celastraceæ, mostly natives of Africa.

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  • n. a genus of African evergreen shrubs characterized by thick leaves and white flowers


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  • I think it's more along the lines of we gave such-and-such offerings to Catha and Bacchus and later the sarcophagus was offered up to the gate of the dead ie. the tomb was closed up, then sayoonara!

    Relative pronouns in Etruscan

  • Caθa = goddess Catha paχana = lit. 'those of Bacchus'

    The Etruscan verb root slic- in TLE 131

  • Thus a word-for-word translation should be: "And brought for votives were the eggs to Catha and to 'those of Bacchus'..."

    The Etruscan verb root slic- in TLE 131

  • A more aesthetic English translation would be: "And the eggs were brought to Catha and to 'those of Bacchus' as votives..."

    The Etruscan verb root slic- in TLE 131

  • Caθas = 'of (the goddess) Catha' genitive caseAs stated in the above link to Charis, Bonfante pushes the idea of a divine epithet Ati Catha claimed to mean 'Mother Catha', even though this title is found nowhere else, and Cristofani challenges this by explaining that if this claim were true then ati 'mother' should properly follow, not precede, the name of the deity (as in Cel Ati & Turan Ati).

    Etruscan inscription REE 59,1993

  • On the other hand, perhaps espial atial refers to a woman named Atia Espi, perhaps deceased, on behalf of which a gift to Catha is given by Laris, thus: "This has given Laris Thefarie, for Ati Espi, to Catha".

    Etruscan inscription REE 59,1993

  • "This has given Laris Thefarie of the gens of Atie for Catha."

    Etruscan inscription REE 59,1993

  • While true that Etruscans revered goddesses as much as gods and appear to have been sexually egalitarian definitely not matriarchal, but egalitarian at least, we must ask what conclusive fact makes the goddess Catha a 'divine mother'?

    Etruscan inscription REE 59,1993

  • For added interest, we may note that Catha and Fuflun are already known to form a religious pair since TLE 131 Laris Pulena's sarcophagus appears to indicate funerary devotion enacted specifically in the name of these two earthly deities.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Feld is its street name — a tough crossbreed of Catha edulis spiked with tobacco and caffeine and stronger stuff, and fibreglass threads or similar to abrade the gums and get it into the blood.

    'The City & The City'


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