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  • v. To make or become Catholic or Roman Catholic.


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Catholic +‎ -ize


  • The concerns about JFK's Catholicism were centered on whether or not he would take orders from Rome or tend to "Catholicize" policy --- particularly with respect to education and the separation of church and state.

    Romney To Give JFK Speech!

  • Linker documents four decades of work that has reframed Catholic thought and theology for the consumption of conservative Protestants and evangelicals and made them allies in their political struggle to "Catholicize" the United States.

    Mainstream Baptist

  • So the Roman Catholic Church is out to Catholicize the world.

    Another Roadside Attraction

  • Does Bishop Thomas Muthee want to "de-Catholicize communities and nations?"

    Common Sense Political Thought

  • Muthee has subsequently held leadership roles including serving as a board member of the World Prayer Center International, and currently as a Transformations Associate.; part of this Transformations "franchise" effort of the combined media, organizations, ministries, and businesses, has been a massive campaign to de-Catholicize Central and South America, glimpses of which can also be seen in the videos.; other significant international impact has resulted from their promotion of their claimed miraculous healing of AIDS in Uganda.; they have been particularly successful with their operations in Guatemala, Argentina, and Brazil.

    Bruce Wilson: Sarah Palin Linked to Second "Witch Hunter"

  • Protestantism in the Rhineland, and by school and pulpit laboured to re-Catholicize the Empire, Rome spurred Mary Stuart to the Darnley marriage, urged Philip to march Alva on the Netherlands, broke up the religious truce which Catharine had won for France, and celebrated with solemn pomp the massacre of the Huguenots.

    History of the English People Volume 4 (of 8)

  • Our country has a providential position in our century in relation to Europe, and our efforts to Catholicize and sanctify it give it an importance, in a religious aspect, of a most interesting and significant character. "

    Life of Father Hecker


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