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  • Cato 1, Marcus Porcius Known as "the Elder” or "the Censor.” 234-149 B.C. Roman politician and general who wrote the first history of Rome. As censor he attempted to restore simplicity to Roman life.
  • Cato 2, Marcus Porcius Known as "the Younger.” 95-46 B.C. Roman politician and great-grandson of Cato the Elder. A conservative opponent of Julius Caesar's political ambitions, he supported Pompey against Caesar in the civil war and committed suicide after Caesar's decisive victory at Thapsus.

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  • proper n. A male given name, rare in English.
  • proper n. A surname. A French matronymic derived from Catherine.
  • proper n. A Roman gens, notable for producing several statesmen, especially Cato the Younger and Cato the Elder.


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