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  • See Kanpur.


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  • Cawnpore, which is only three hours 'ride from Lucknow, is another city of India that recalls the saddest tragedy of the mutiny.

    The Critic in the Orient

  • I have before me an official statement from a mill at Cawnpore, which is said to give a fair average for the entire country.

    Modern India

  • Next to this house, and communicating with it by a hole in the wall, was a newly constructed defense work called the Cawnpore

    In Times of Peril

  • These include bills of exchange payable at British treasuries in Ferozpore for Rs. 238,4000, in Delhi for Rs. 390,000, in Agra for Rs. 200,000, and Cawnpore for Rs. 20,000.19

    Connecting Histories in Afghanistan: Market Relations and State Formation on a Colonial Frontier

  • Throughout his memoirs, he revels in reflected glory, the more so when it is ingloriously undeserved, and when it comes to "dining out", Harper's Ferry plainly ranks with Balaclava and Little Big Horn and Cawnpore.


  • Fine fevered stuff, in my best heroic style - a deathbed variation on the theme I'd used when I talked Wheeler into running up the white! lag at Cawnpore two years earlier.


  • The scalping was beastly, but I couldn't regret the dead Apaches, any more than Nana's people regretted us at Cawnpore.


  • I found Grey's silent scrutiny unsettling, too, and tried to turn the talk to home topics, but the lads didn't care for the great crusade against smoking, or the state of the Thames, or the Jews in Parliament; 8; 'they wanted the blood of Cawnpore and the thunder of Lucknow, and it was a relief when Grey sent them packing, and suggested we take our cigars on the veranda.


  • How could I tell Hutton to go to hell with his foul instructions - and have him bearing back to Whitehall (and Windsor and Horse Guards and Pall Mall) the shameful news that the Hector of Afghanistan, hero of Balaclava and Cawnpore, had said thank'ee but he'd rather not save Franz-Josef and the peace of Europe, if you don't mind.


  • I've heard 'em at Kabul before the Retreat, at Cawnpore, on the heights above the North Valley at Balaclava, and I won't swear someone wasn't croaking them as we laboured up the Greasy Grass slope. behind G.A. Custer, God rest his fat-headed soul.



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