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  • n. Plural form of Cayuga.


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  • [11] Radisson puts the Senecas before the Cayugas, which is different from the order given by the Jesuits.

    Pathfinders of the West Being the Thrilling Story of the Adventures of the Men Who Discovered the Great Northwest: Radisson, La Vérendrye, Lewis and Clark

  • Political relations between the Cayuga, the British, and the Americans during the American Revolution were complicated, with Cayugas fighting on both sides.

    History of American Women

  • One such was the Iroquois Confederacy, made up of five nations initially: the Onondagas, Mohawks, Oneidas, Cayugas, and Senecas.

    Native Americans: They Were Seen as Savages

  • Central New York, when first known to civilization, was the home of the "Iroquois," a term applied first to five and afterwards to six confederated Indian tribes, which included the Cayugas and is said to have constituted the most powerful force of Indians on the American Continent.

    Living in Dryden: Native Americans in Dryden

  • The nearest Indian villages of which we have any authentic account were the habitation of the Cayugas, near the present site of the city of Ithaca, and extending on both sides of Cayuga Lake to its outlet.

    Living in Dryden: Native Americans in Dryden

  • Some took refuge in Canada and along the Niagara frontier, others, including a number from the Cayuga and Seneca tribes, were colonized in the extreme western part of this state, while most of the Cayugas were induced to make their homes in the Indian Territory, where their descendants now reside in considerable numbers.

    Living in Dryden: Native Americans in Dryden

  • The "relations" (as they are called) of one Father Carheil, who spent over twenty years of his life among the Cayugas, and who in the year 1672 describes Lake Tiohero (now Cayuga) and the beautiful county surrounding it, with its abundance of fish and game, have thus recently been resurrected and translated into English, throwing much light upon this subject so interesting to the antiquarian.

    Living in Dryden: Native Americans in Dryden

  • I heard a few captive Norse women and children were adopted by some Cayugas who had survived an epidemic.

    The Skrayling Tree

  • A treaty with the Senecas, Cayugas, and Onondagas (1726) added their lands to those of the Mohawks and Oneidas, which were already under English protection.

    b. New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

  • The Senecas and Cayugas were then busily engaged in exterminating the Eries, who had burned one of their most famous chiefs, whose last words at the stake were prophetic: "Eries, you burn in me an entire nation!"



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