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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Cotingidae.


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  • Other endangered restricted range species that migrate seasonally to this ecoregion are the three-wattled bellbird (Procnias tricarunculata) and the bare-necked umbrella bird (Cephalopterus glabricollis).

    Isthmian-Pacific moist forests

  • Other flagship species include the bizarre long-wattled umbrella bird (Cephalopterus penduliger, VU) and the blue-black grassquit (Volatinia jacarina).

    Biological diversity in Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena

  • Some occur in the most humid parts ranging into the Chocó forest of Colombia such as Crypturellus berlepschi, Penelope ortoni, Aramides wolfi, Pyrrhura orcesi, Thalurania hypochlora, Scytalopus robbinsi, Cephalopterus penduliger, Dacnis berlepschi, Diglossa indigotica, Tangara johannae.

    Western Ecuador moist forests

  • We all recognize that Homo sapiens encompasses variation among individuals, but it is easy to forget that Cephalopterus ornatus, Panthera onca the jaguar, and other species routinely encompass variation too.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • In the hilly parts of the Montañas the black ox-bird (_Cephalopterus ornatus_, Geoff.), the _Toropishu_ of the Indians, fills the forest with his distant bellow, similar to the roaring of a bull.

    Travels in Peru, on the Coast, in the Sierra, Across the Cordilleras and the Andes, into the Primeval Forests

  • It is, from the ornament on its head -- consisting of a crest, with long curved hairy feathers, having long bare quills; which, when raised, spread themselves out in the form of a fringed sunshade over the head -- called the umbrella-bird (Cephalopterus ornatus).

    The Western World Picturesque Sketches of Nature and Natural History in North and South America

  • These larger blocks of intact forest are essential for preserving remnant populations of harpy eagles (Harpia harpyja) and they protect breeding grounds of threatened and endangered birds endemic to the highland forests of this ecoregion, such as: resplendent quetzal (Pharomacrus mocinno), three-wattled bellbird (Procnias tricarunculata), bare-necked umbrellabird (Cephalopterus glabricollis), and black guan (Chamaepetes unicolor).

    Talamancan montane forests

  • He went back up the Rio Uaupés, portaging past dozens of cataracts to a point where the river traders didn’t go, in search of a bird he had heard rumors about: a stunning white version of the black umbrella-bird, Cephalopterus ornatus.

    The Song of The Dodo


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