from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. Any of a class of intrinsically variable stars with exceptionally regular periods of light pulsation.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Pertaining to or resembling the star δ Cephei.
  • n. A variable star of the type of δ Cephei.
  • n. A jelly-fish of the family Cepheidæ.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From Cepheus.


  • Anglo-Dutch amateur astronomer John Goodricke discovered the first true variable star, Delta Cephei hence the name Cepheid in 1784, just two years before his death.

    Miss Leavitt's Variables

  • During this call Cepheid will make forward-looking statements including guidance of the future operating results. The Ad-Free Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator

  • A Cepheid, more commonly referred to as a Cepheid variable variable star whose periods of variability is directly related to their absolute luminosity.

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  • NGC 3982 is more than just a pretty face: Observations of a special kind of star inside the galaxy, known as a Cepheid variable, were used to fine-tune astronomers' Top headlines

  • They used what is known as Cepheid variable stars to gauge just how far away Andromeda was. Local News

  • Two weeks more had passed, while the "S Doradus" and the "Cepheid" were fitted out with the new apparatus Buck had designed.

    The Ultimate Weapon

  • You follow those fellows back to their system in the 'S Doradus 'and I'll stay here in the' Cepheid 'to protect the system.

    The Ultimate Weapon

  • We will install it in the 'S Doradus 'and the' Cepheid 'as a weapon.

    The Ultimate Weapon

  • The two ships separated now, the "Cepheid" under McLaurin flashing ahead with sudden, terrific acceleration toward Mars, whispering through space at a speed that made it undetectable, faster than light.

    The Ultimate Weapon

  • "Cepheid," her sister ship, had gone along on seven of the trips, and added to the total.

    The Ultimate Weapon


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