Cercopithecoidea love



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  • proper n. A taxonomic superfamily within the parvorder Catarrhini — the Old World monkeys etc..


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Cercopithecus +‎ -oidea


  • These findings provide invaluable insights into the evolutionary past, especially when the fossil record is sparse, as it is for the period when the ancestors of humans and great apes split from the Cercopithecoidea (or Old World monkey) lineage tens of millions of years ago.

    Scientific American

  • DNA analysis has pegged this split some 35 million to 30 million years ago, but a new fossil specimen challenges that molecular data with rock-hard evidence. partial skull of an ancient primate, dubbed Saadanius hijazensis, seems to have trappings of both the Hominoidea and Cercopithecoidea lines.

    Scientific American


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