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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Ceylon.
  • n. A native of Ceylon.


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Ceylon +‎ -ese


  • Its people may be referred to as Ceylonese n. or adj. or Sri Lankans.

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  • She caught a ride with them in a jeep to their camp, which was located only six miles outside Kandy but ended up being a bumpy, half-hour trip on narrow, crowded roads full of Ceylonese drivers devoid of traffic sense.

    A Covert Affair

  • They have long enjoyed the uses of political power and hark back to a past when they were the rousing nationalist force behind Ceylonese kings.

    Buddha’s Savage Peace

  • Assuming a look of bland courtesy, Jane led the way toward a separate room at the far end of the cadjan dominated by a long table where several young Ceylonese women were busily working.

    A Covert Affair

  • “The funny mistress of five or six accents,” Jane regaled them all with the story of her dinner party, successively taking the part of a lecherous old Oxonian who was trying to pinch her bottom, a drunk Ceylonese official, and a dry old colonial widow with a lorgnette.

    A Covert Affair

  • Sigiriya is, indeed, uncannily like a Ceylonese Xanadu-complete with pleasure gardens and dusky damsels.


  • Beyond that, way way beyond that, perceptive minds are considering political currents, trends, paradigms and parallels, and here and there some porkbelly entrails and Ceylonese tea leaves.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Iowa Caucus Open Thread; God Caucuses for Huckabee; add your observations, interpretations, analysis.

  • All three shared the distinctive Ashbury coloringgolden hair and eyes the fine, clear blue of Ceylonese sapphiresthe legacy of Lord Ashburys mother, a Dane who so said Nancy had married for love and been disowned, her dowry withdrawn.

    The House at Riverton

  • “Genie of the first strand, I command thee to bring me in crystal urns, a thousand each of the largest and finest African diamonds, Burmese rubies, Colombian emeralds, and Ceylonese sapphires.”

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  • Why not summon a genie and ask it to supply you with a thousand each of the largest and finest African diamonds, Burmese rubies, Columbian emeralds, and Ceylonese sapphires?

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