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  • adj. In a style of Raymond Chandler, typically using lyrical (and frequently exaggerated) similes.


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After the crime fiction writer Raymond Chandler +‎ -esque.


  • Some of Arjouni's Chandleresque flourishes don't quite come off, as in, "My face was dripping like lettuce that's just been washed."

    Unlikely gumshoe with grit

  • D.B. Grady is the author of Red Planet Noir, a cross-genre Chandleresque mystery set on Mars.

    MIND MELD: The Best Genre Crossovers

  • Chandleresque: proceedings marked by hardboiled description, bouts of violence and femmes fatale.

    2009 February : Law is Cool

  • Are those “Joycean” and “Chandleresque” styles themselves simply remixes of styles that came before?

    Creative Control - Part 4

  • To ask whether "Imperial Bedrooms" is Chandleresque is to suggest how desperately far afield we have gone.

    Zero Progress

  • Part of the allure of these novels is that Bernie is such an interesting creation, a Chandleresque knight errant caught in insane historical surroundings.

    Nazi Noir Ventures To Havana In 'Dead Rise Not'

  • The uncanny horror of crime is an integral part of the urban environment, but in its very seediness the underworld is also wonderland, the cityscape of Chandleresque Noir/Thriller fiction shot through with the same romanticism we find in vampire fiction, with a sense of the city at night as dark idyll, as decadent's playground, embodying our adult desires for sex and power.

    Narrative Grammars

  • The script is spare and funny, fairly crackling with Chandleresque repartee harking back to the great Bacall-Bogart noirs of the 1940s, The Big Sleep and To Have and Have Not.


  • Then there are the recognizable character types (femme fatales and a Chandleresque protagonist), well-trodden themes (humanity, playing god), and a plot that starts out simple, but then develops into something much more complex and dangerous for the heroes.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • Chandleresque, hard-boiled detective narrative set in a near-future Oakland, Calif.

    Bad Lieutenant Producers Draw Jonathan Lethem’s Gun, With Occasional Music | /Film


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