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Charles Martin Hall


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  • The electrolytic process, invented by Charles Martin Hall, immediately aroused the interest of Captain Hunt.

    Charles M. Hall & Aluminum

  • On April 2, 1889, Charles Martin Hall patented an inexpensive method for the production of aluminum.

    Charles M. Hall & Aluminum

  • Unlike 12 year old Mattie Knight, who invented her bag machine for safety's sake, Charles Martin Hall who began experimenting with minerals at the age of 12 was inspired by his chemistry professor, Frank Fanning Jewett, who said the person who discovered an economical way to produce aluminum would become rich.

    Charles M. Hall & Aluminum

  • Well, it seems, Charles Martin Hall is considered the originator of the American spelling of aluminum.

    Charles M. Hall & Aluminum

  • And it was here, in 1886, that Charles Martin Hall, an Oberlin alumni and one of the founders of Alcoa, developed the cost-efficient process for obtaining aluminum from aluminum oxide that brought aluminum into widespread use.

  • Charles Martin Hall, an American, and Paul-Louis-Toussaint Héroult from France both realized that if they hit aluminum oxide dissolved into molten cryolite with electricity, they could get aluminum in its metal form.


  • Inventor Charles Martin Hall patented a cheap way to make aluminum 121 years ago today.

    Daily Kos

  • April 2, 1889: Aluminum Process Foils Steep Prices  :  Discoveries   April 2, 1889: Aluminum Process Foils Steep Prices By Randy Alfred 04.02.08 In 1889, recent college grad Charles Martin Hall devised a way to isolate metallic aluminum.

    April 2, 1889: Aluminum Process Foils Steep Prices

  • Resources 1. The Center for Study of Technology and Society 2. Charles Martin Hall 3. Brief Origin of the Element Names Aluminum 4. Oberlin College Archives 5. Mattie Knight

    Charles M. Hall & Aluminum

  • 1889: Charles Martin Hall patents his process for using electrical current to extract metallic aluminum from its raw ore.

    April 2, 1889: Aluminum Process Foils Steep Prices


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