from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. An early pre-Incan civilization that flourished in northern and central Peru from about 900 to 200 B.C., known for its carved stone sculptures and boldly designed ceramics.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition


  • Neither Ms. Charatan nor Ms. Chavin replied to requests for comment.

    Robert Durst Raises Focus On Harlem

  • Teresa Chavin , who works at Ms. Charatan's brokerage firm, represented Mr. Durst in connection with the purchase of the Harlem property.

    Robert Durst Raises Focus On Harlem

  • (Chavin, Huari, Caral, Moche, Tiahuanaco, Inka, etc.) in Peru and in other places deserve admiration or whatever you want to call it, judging them by the standards of 4000 yrs ago or more.

    Peru Update

  • The most ancient cultures seem to have developed in the northern part of the park; the remains at the Cueva del Guitanero in Yungay date back 2,000 years before the Chavin culture, spreading from Carhuaz to Pomabamba.

    Huascaran National Park, Peru

  • Chavin of Dieppe, whom Champlain appointed acting commander of Quebec in 1609–10.

    Champlain's Dream

  • Early Ancon and Early Supe culture,: Chavin horizon sites of the Central Peruvian coast, (Columbia studies in archeology and ethnology) by Gordon Randolph Willey

    Open Letter to Columbia University Community: Accept President Ahmadinejad's Invitation-If I Can Do it So Can You

  • However, the Chavin report concluded that the MSE was part of an international banking conspiracy linked to both Jewish and American interests, which aimed to install ostensibly synarchist governments in every country that would actually be controlled by a bank.

    The Sion Revelation

  • But the immediate result of the Chavin report was that Pucheu sacked Chavin—who was duly exiled to the Bouches-du-Rhône as a prefect—and tried to silence the press in Paris though the reporters were ultimately protected by the German authorities.

    The Sion Revelation

  • Chavin report on and Common Market concept of and conspiracy theory and École Polytechnique “the X”

    The Sion Revelation

  • And although no action was taken against named conspirators such as Bouthillier, who belonged to a synarchist group in the late 1920s, the ax did fall—on theinvestigators, such as Chavin.

    The Sion Revelation


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