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  • n. The sages from the time of the Second Temple and afterward, through the sixth century C.E.


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From Hebrew חז״ל (khazál), which is an acronym for חכמינו זיכרונם לברכה (khakhaméinu zikhronám livrakhá, "our sages, of blessed memory").


  • Claire Chazal, a prominent evening news anchor who—such are the ways of the insular Paris elites—happens to be an old family friend, floated softball questions and failed to follow up with harder ones.

    DSK's Fall From French Grace

  • Andre Breton claimed Chazal as surrealist and Braque told him his aphorisms were really images and he should paint (which he took up on).

    Vitro Nasu » 2009 » March

  • Death is the bowel movment of the soul evacuating by intense pressure on the spiritual anus – Malcolm de Chazal

    Vitro Nasu » 2009 » March

  • And since you cover so much little known artlit territory, you should know I have just published my complete translation from the French of Malcolm de Chazal, Sens-Plastique, (Green Integer 2008), foreword by WH Auden.

    Vitro Nasu » 2009 » March

  • (Video of James Geary on the Aphorisms of Malcolm de Chazal via irvingweiss. com)

    Vitro Nasu » 2009 » March

  • Malcolm de Chazal was discovered by Surrealists but had nothing to do with Surrealism, according to James Geary.

    Vitro Nasu » 2009 » March

  • To the great Mauritian author Malcolm de Chazal, who wrote, among other things, Judas.

    Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio - Nobel Lecture

  • Good point, except that (1) they were already commanded to drive out the Canaanites, and (2)Chazal, I believe, understand this to be the source of the command not to oppress the convert.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Peretz on the Cairo Speech:

  • The Chazal, Sudd, and Sobat swamps in the south of the country represent major wetlands, from which evaporation is exceptionally high.

    Water profile of Sudan

  • Safe workplaces, living wages, and abuse-free environments — as required by Chazal and the Shulchan Aruch — are a wonderful place to start.

    When is it Kosher? | Jewschool


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