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  • proper noun The first of a succession of Soviet state security organizations, created in 1917.


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From the Russian pronunciation of ЧК ("Чрезвычайный Kомиссия - Chrezvychaynaya Komissiya, Extraordinary Commission")


  • The Cheka, which is currently called the Ministry of State Security, was last known to be under the control of V.

    DBTL 34: Anniversary

  • And so we talked the members of the "Cheka" round to everything that we wanted.

    Beasts, Men and Gods

  • They were the results of the bloody work of the "Cheka" at

    Beasts, Men and Gods

  • Siberian "Cheka" I could have had this end so joyfully accorded me.

    Beasts, Men and Gods

  • 'Cheka' and she is the agent of this establishment.

    Beasts, Men and Gods

  • Our ode occupied about an hour and afterwards the members of the "Cheka," forgetting about our documents, personally changed our horses, placed our luggage on the wagon and wished us success.

    Beasts, Men and Gods

  • First, our attempts to avoid them when we were constantly meeting the peasants in the country would have aroused suspicion and would have caused any Soviet to arrest us and send us to the "Cheka" in Minnusinsk, where we should have sung our last song.

    Beasts, Men and Gods

  • Five-year-old Franczeska "Cheka" Brindle, a kindergarten student at Round Hill Montessori Primary School, recently put her mother on the spot.

    The Roanoke Times: Home page

  • Lenin er agei gathon korechilen gupton police sanghothan "Cheka" jader kaji chilo kole karkhanay communist birodhi khunje peyei take hotya kora. 1918 theke 1921 porjonto je grihojudhyo cholechilo lal fouj bonam sada foujer modhye sekhane prayojon chilo ak shaktishali lalfoujer-astro o khadyosambhare susajjito. fole Leniner netrityadhin Rush Communist paarty gothon korlo war communism.


  • Like Solzhenitsyn said, if the people lay in wait under staircases with sticks and kitchen knives to waylay the Cheka when they came at night, rather than hiding in their own apartments, they could have made it too costly for the Soviets to imprison and murder so many millions.

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Whither Private Property


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