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  • proper noun Alternative form of Chernivtsi.


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  • I remember a friend of mine from Chernovtsy describing his conversation with a local Banderovetz.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Shroud of Torino

  • Likewise, theater groups with Jewish actors were established in the major cities of the four provinces annexed to Romania following World War I — among them, Chernovtsy (Czernowitz) in Bukovina and Kishinev in Bessarabia — as well as in the smaller cities and towns.

    Romanian Yiddish Theater.

  • In late 1940 an itinerant Jewish theater group was founded in Chernovtsy that became home to some of the top-ranking Romanian Jewish male and female actors, among them Sidy Thal, Sevilla Pastor and A. Tempner.

    Romanian Yiddish Theater.

  • Bela Berson (Blume Zabar; Steblov near Kiev 1886 – unknown) came to Vienna in 1905, then went to Chernovtsy; in the years around World War I she was active in Vienna and later in Paris and London, thereafter undertaking guest performance tours in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.

    Yiddish Theater in Vienna.

  • Surprisingly, however, the vital work of the theater was carried on in several of these camps and ghettoes, owing to the deportation to Transnistria of Jewish actors from Bessarabia and Bukovina — primarily from the theaters of Chernovtsy and Kishinev.

    Romanian Yiddish Theater.

  • Five highly successful Yiddish theaters operated continuously in Romania until the start of World War II — two in Bucharest, two in Chernovtsy and the original one in Jassy.

    Romanian Yiddish Theater.

  • Among the women who were active in this troupe, one in particular is worthy of special mention: the major actress, Sidy Thal, who was born in 1912 in Chernovtsy with the name Surele Birkenthal.

    Romanian Yiddish Theater.

  • The play attracted a great deal of interest: the leading members of the State Yiddish Theater in Moscow (known by the acronym GOSET) came to see it, and the work was the first of several plays to tour other performance halls throughout the Moldavian Republic, including Tiraspol and Chernovtsy.

    Romanian Yiddish Theater.

  • Miriam Zohar, born in 1928 in Chernovtsy, is a Holocaust survivor who was interned in concentration camps in Transnistria.

    Romanian Yiddish Theater.

  • Early in World War II Lia migrated with her parents from Poland to Chernovtsy, capital of the Bukovina district of Romania.

    Romanian Yiddish Theater.


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