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  • The two who coined the term Chimerica, Ferguson and Schularick, consider it imperative that this close economic relationship come to an end.

    Free Internet Press

  • The word Chimerica describes an economic entity comprising China, the world's largest manufacturer, and the United States, the world's largest consumer.

    RIA Novosti

  • "Chimerica" - like notion of "superfusion" between the U.S. and Chinese economies.

    Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog

  • "Chimerica" -- China plus America -- seemed like a marriage made in heaven.

    Powell's Books: Overview

  • The disaster of "Chimerica" - Can both sides be losers?

    Hao Hao Report - Published news

  • "Chimerica" - the partnership between the big saver and the big spender - is key.

    China Hearsay

  • Many will dismiss the idea of Chimerica altogether, especially in light of the earthquakes that shook the global financial system in 2008 and 2009.


  • In short, Chimerica is hiding in plain sight, unrecognized, unacknowledged, and unwanted.


  • There was actually one country at the heart of the global economy in the early 21st century, and it was called Chimerica -- China plus America.

    CNN Transcript Jan 18, 2009

  • And it was called Chimerica -- China plus America.

    CNN Transcript Jun 14, 2009


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