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  • noun Plural form of Chinaman.


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  • I call it "the Capital after a fashion," because the Resident and his myrmidons live here, and because vessels which draw thirteen feet of water can go no higher; but the true capital, created by the enterprise of Chinamen, is thirty-six miles farther inland, the tin-mining settlement of Kwala Lumpor.

    The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither

  • They thought they were very smart, and that wasn't all, for, after calling the Chinamen all the names they could think of, the boys reached down into the ditch, which some men were digging for a sewer, and scooped up handfuls of mud and threw it straight into the laundry and all over the snow-white shirts the little men were ironing; at which, the Chinamen grew very angry and came to the door, shaking their flat-irons in their hands and calling, --

    Half-Past Seven Stories

  • Ruffians chase "Chinamen" through the streets, taunting and threatening them, and a montage within the casino itself cuts fluidly among all the fights, drunken carousing, womanizing, and gambling going on in this den of sin.

    Barbary Coast

  • At the end of his speech he also wished the "Chinamen" a Happy Year of the Pig and hoped that if all the drunken Irishmen feel the need to honor St. Patrick next Saturday night, they take cabs home.

    Chris Case: Bush Gives Shout-Out To Jews A Three Days Early

  • Many of these Chinese men, or "Chinamen," were employed as manual laborers on the country's rapidly expanding rail lines, and were an integral part of the effort to build the first transcontinental railroad.

    Sam Means: Asians -- A Practical Guide to Cellists

  • As for the Junk, the detail of the picture is very small, but the "Chinamen" portrayed in it appear to be wearing pigtails.

    As I Please

  • If there was gossip going on about "Chinamen" in connection with the murder in No. 17 the newspapers would soon be getting hold of it.

    Number Seventeen

  • Against the wall, in the far corner, I found a handsome chest of camphor-wood bound with brass, such as Chinamen and sailors love, and indeed all of mankind that plies in the Pacific.

    The Wrecker

  • Trunks he could have lain down comfortable in, with his two "Chinamen" to boot!

    The Torrent Entre Naranjos

  • We're not doin 'Chinamen's work in this race to-day for that.

    On the Frontier


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