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  • proper noun A taxonomic order within the superorder Laurasiatheria — the bats.


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From Ancient Greek χειρ (cheir, "hand") + πτερόν (pteron, "wing")


  • Following the traces of Diva, the leader of the Chiroptera, Saya and her group make their way to Russia.

    Dark Horse Solicitations for May 2008 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • But awaiting their arrival are Diva†™ s powerful protector Chiroptera, “ Chevalier. ” In the middle of the battle against this new threat, Saya is told a horrible truth†“It is because you are one of us. ” Is Saya a human, or something more sinister†¦?

    Dark Horse Solicitations for May 2008 | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • This is due to the BSU's ability to morph from humanoid into Chiroptera (that would be bat, for those who didn't know) form to escape dangerous situations.

    How to Shoot a Vampire

  • I am collaborating with Professors Christopher Schneider (Boston University) and Michael Sorenson to investigate evolutionary relationships in the Chiroptera using complete sequences of the mitochondrial genome of selected species.

    Contributor: Thomas Kunz

  • Rhinolophoidea et Vespertilionoidea (Chiroptera) du Chambi (Eocène inférieur de Tunisie).

    Australian Fossil Mammal Sites, Australia

  • Recolonization of the Krakatau Islands and adjacent areas of West Java, Indonesia, by bats (Chiroptera) 1883-1986.

    Ujung Kulon National Park and Krakatau Nature Reserve, Indonesia

  • Also common are the yellow ground squirrel (Spermophilus fulvus), numerous species of voles (Microtus spp.) and bats (Chiroptera spp.).

    Alai-Western Tian Shan steppe

  • Digital morphology in the Chiroptera: the passive digital lock.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • However, from the start most bat experts had a problem with the concept: Wible & Novacek (1988) showed how numerous skeletal and soft tissue features ‘strongly support the inclusion of megabats and microchiropterans within the single order Chiroptera’ (p. 1).

    We flightless primates

  • Accomplishments thus far include recovery plans and the reintroduction of the giant lizard of El Hierro (Gallotia simonyi machadoi); the conservation of Chiroptera and invertebrates in volcanic cavities; the conservation of five priority species of the Canarian sub-humid montane layer (monteverde); and the conservation of endemic birds, such as the Gran Canaria blue chaffinch (Fringilla teydea polatzeki), dark and white tailed laurel pigeons (Columba bolli, C. junoniae), and others.

    Canary Islands dry woodlands and forests


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