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  • adjective Alternative spelling of Chomskyan.


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  • Please read the article, because there's no mention of 'Chomskian' or 'Elites' in there.

  • Where we might approach even a Star Trek-esque transtlator is by proving or disproving the notion of Chomskian universal grammar, which holds that the human brain conceives of language in a basic, biological manner, and comprehending that mechanism will allow comprehension of virtually any human-created language.

    10 sci-fi technologies that just might happen « 10 Dots

  • We are not going to achieve some Chomskian or Obamesque dream - at least in time to avoid our collective beheading at the hands of the Holy Warriors.

    Giving evidence to the Chilcot inquiry, Tony Blair said: “I...

  • Ignatieff crouched in the mulberry copse, glassed his target, cursed the Chomskian dust that risked his weapons ruin, then raised The Ultimate Task of Thomas Jeffersons Dream and sent its buckshot tearing into Iraq -- tatterdemalion, sanction-wracked -- and the rocks behind were splatter-stained with a crimson decoupage like some chromatic inversion of all that is holy and lawful.

    David Rees: Cormac Ignatieff's "The Road"

  • Before one blindly accepts the Chomskian world view of America though it's worth remembering this.

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • Picking up a new series or standalone from her requires putting your head in a completely different state, with different Chomskian deep structures.

    The New Comprehensible, or, This is Not a Literary Manifesto, Thank God « Whatever

  • As a pre-Chomskian linguist, his theories of language are dated and still rooted in now discredited dialectical materialism.

    Beware the 'everybody's doing it' argument

  • And two hours into the flick came a Chomskian riff on professional sports left my Cup world in tatters.

    Noam Chomsky vs The World Cup

  • The first connection is with Chomskian linguistics.

    The Computational Theory of Mind

  • Chomskian linguists often spoke of the child's efforts at mastery of a grammar in terms of the formation and confirmation of hypotheses; and this, argued Fodor [1975], required an inner language of thought.

    The Computational Theory of Mind


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