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  • For you Diana Wynne Jones fans: apparently what Christopher Chant does when he's not being Chrestomanci is write books about zeppelins.

    Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway

  • Hmmm. Diana Wynne Jones's Chrestomanci is also a magical law enforcer and fixer, though his source of authority is not exactly clear.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • Another swoon-inducing hero, alongside the Chrestomanci, is the mercurial Howl, of "Howl's Moving Castle," which was turned into a film by Hayao Miyazaki in 2004.

    Author of Enchanting Children's Books Tackled Larger Themes

  • Anyway, when I did my what-shall-I-read-in-2010 poll, the three Chrestomanci books on my shelves were clearely ahead of all but Guy Gavriel Kay and The Wee Free Men.

    Online reviews and ownership of social spaces

  • Ms. Wynne Jones, who went on to author about 40 books, was perhaps best known for her Chrestomanci series, set in a parallel world where magic developed faster than science.

    Author of Enchanting Children's Books Tackled Larger Themes

  • I think this is my favourite of the Chrestomanci novels, a prequel with some retracing the steps of Charmed Life, but adding some extra wrinkles which I found more satisfying - the parental marriage disintegrating; the young goddess of cats; the boarding school; the interdimensional smuggling racket; and the answer to the question of what happened to Chrestomanci's other lives.

    Labour invokes Doctor Who, again

  • The next in the Chrestomanci series, this time set in a boarding school in a world where witches are persecuted and burned, yet in fact many people have magic powers and are afraid to show them.

    Cooking 2) Thickening

  • Like all of the Chrestomanci books it reads perfectly well as a standalone, with no knowledge of the rest of the series necessary to enjoy it.

    Labour invokes Doctor Who, again

  • As ever, her main characters are challenged to overcome their imperfections, once again with the help of Chrestomanci who appears abruptly but decisively at quite a late stage in proceedings.

    Cooking 2) Thickening

  • Even though we see even less of the world of Chrestomanci here than we did in Charmed Life, it still feels like a rich and intriguing environment.

    Labour invokes Doctor Who, again


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