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Christopher Marlowe


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  • At Dulwich is a painting, Hero and Leandro for Christopher Marlowe, that is a white misty spume of oceanic spray assailed by a bloody smear of red.

    Cy Twombly - an appreciation: Paintings about sex and death

  • There are portraits attributed to other writers of the era, such as Christopher Marlowe, and they are not presented as members of the nobility.

    Cracking the Shakespeare Code - The Lede Blog -

  • Bear's tale of Faerie and Elizabethan England contains well-written prose and dialogue, an interesting plot, and some great and famous characters such as Christopher Marlowe and Will Shakespeare.

    Reviews of fantasy and science fiction books

  • They add that Shakespeare's style is so unmistakable that it could never be confused with that of the conspiracy theorists 'various candidates, such as Christopher Marlowe, the great playwright killed (not really, say the conspiracists) in 1593.

    City Journal

  • This portion of the letter offers evidence of a secret atheist society long rumored to have been formed by the two men in league with the playwright Christopher Marlowe.

    Trying to Keep Parallel Narratives on the Rails

  • Christopher Marlowe demanded in "Tamburlaine," his blood-sodden drama about a megalomaniacal one-time shepherd who had swaggered and slaughtered his way to a vast Asiatic empire in the 14th century.

    The Greatest of Them All

  • They go on to assert that as a result of, uhm...people paying admission to see theatre, "Almost overnight, a wave of brilliant dramatists emerged, including Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Kyd, Ben Jonson and Shakespeare."

    Argument For Copyright Protection Undermined By Half-Baked Metaphor About Shakespeare

  • Candidates for the "real" playwright include philosopher Francis Bacon, dramatist Christopher Marlowe and Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford.

    The Shakespeare Whodunit

  • Yet, once Wes whipped out his guitar and serenaded Jake Pavelka's former paramour with the same atrocious ballad he claimed to have written for Jillian, the simpleton swooned and spouted off a comparison to the Bard that would infuriate even Christopher Marlowe.

    Watercooler: Bachelor Pad's No-Holds Bard

  • According to these skeptics, Shakespeare was a front man for some very talented writer who had a reason to keep out of sight — whether because, like Francis Bacon, Philip Sidney or the Earl of Oxford, he was too grand or politically vulnerable to claim credit or because, like the playwright Christopher Marlowe, he was officially (but not really) dead.

    About an Author, Much Ado


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