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  • Basically, the strong nuclear force does indeed come from the color force of Quantum Chromodynamics, which is fundamentally carried by the gluons.

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  • The bits when isn't mostly involve the strong nuclear force, Quantum Chromodynamics.

    Perturbation theory: are we covering up new physics? | Jon Butterworth | Life & Physics

  • The American Physical Society's J. J. Sakurai Prize has just been awarded to three theorists, Bryan Webber, Guido Altarelli and Torbjorn Sjostrand, who work in this areaFor key ideas leading to the detailed confirmation of the Standard Model of particle physics, enabling high energy experiments to extract precise information about Quantum Chromodynamics, electroweak interactions and possible new physics.

    Perturbation theory: are we covering up new physics? | Jon Butterworth | Life & Physics

  • Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), the theory that explains the strong nuclear force as arising from strongly-interacting gluons coupled to quarks, is a crucial part of the Standard Model.

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  • News of quarks may not have reached your place of study, but I remember in the mid 70's, when I was in the sixth form, reading a Scientific American article on Quantum Chromodynamics.

    For each particle there is also an anti-particle

  • The pure Yang-Mills theory with gauge group SU (3) was finally being accepted as the most likely explanation for the strong interactions, and it received the beautiful name "Quantum Chromodynamics" (QCD).

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  • I am currently interested in trying to solve Quantum Chromodynamics (the theory of quarks) using a combination of renormalization group ideas and computer simulation.

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  • Quantum Chromodynamics QCD suggests that quarks come in three colors; red, green, and blue.

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  • The authors then calculated the degree of asymmetry predicted by Quantum Chromodynamics.

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  • Antiscreening is particularly important for the colorful SU (3) group because it leads to the asymptotic freedom - the main feature of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) that brought the well-deserved Nobel prize to Gross, Wilczek, and Politzer.

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