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  • proper noun A taxonomic genus within the family Cisticolidae.


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  • Response: This is an adult Ethiopian cisticola, Cisticola lugubris, a grass warbler species that is best identified on the basis of its voice rather than appearance I think its song is reminiscent of the buzzing part of a grasshopper sparrow's song.

    Mystery bird: Ethiopian cisticola, Cisticola lugubris

  • Ethiopian cisticola, Cisticola lugubris (formerly, Cisticola galactotes lugubris; protonym, Sylvia (Cisticola) lugubris), also known as the Abyssinian black-backed cisticola, photographed at the Gerfasa Reservoir, Ethiopia (Africa).

    Mystery bird: Ethiopian cisticola, Cisticola lugubris

  • Originally thought to be a subspecies of the winding cisticola, Cisticola galactotes, this species was recently elevated to full species status based on vocal and plumage differences, although additional genetic research is required.

    Mystery bird: Ethiopian cisticola, Cisticola lugubris

  • There are also 14 species in common with just Mt. Cameroon and not Bioko, adding Andropadus montanus, Phyllastrephus poliocephalus, Laniarius atroflavus, Malaconotus gladiator, Cossypha isabellae, and the race Cisticola chubbi discolor (sometimes considered a separate species C. discolor).

    Cameroonian Highlands forests

  • Although 179 highland bird species have been recorded for the mountain, species recorded in the upper zones are few in number, although they include occasional lammergeier Gypaetus barbatus, mainly on the Shira ridge, hill chat Cercomela sordida, Hunter's cisticola Cisticola hunteri, and scarlet-tufted malachite sunbird Nectarinia johnstoni.

    Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania

  • While the avifauna of the Angolan miombo region is relatively rich, endemism levels are low with only the black-tailed cisticola (Cisticola melanura) considered near-endemic to the ecoregion.

    Angolan Miombo woodlands

  • The Tana River cisticola (Cisticola restrictus) is endemic to the Lower Tana River, and the Malindi pipit (Anthus melindae) is endemic to the coastal grasslands of Kenya.

    Biological diversity in the coastal forests of Eastern Africa

  • Five birds are endemic or near-endemic to this ecoregion: including the Karoo chat (Cercomela schlegelii), tractrac chat (Cercomela tractrac), greybacked cisticola (Cisticola subruficapillus), and the herero chat (Namibornis herero).

    Namibian savanna woodlands

  • Two of the six endemic bird species, island cisticola (Cisticola haesitatus) and Socotra bunting (Emberiza socotrana) are classed as Vulnerable by IUCN.

    Socotra Island xeric shrublands

  • The continuing destruction of Afromontane grassland habitat threatens the locally occurring churring cisticola (Cisticola njombe) and the blue swallow.

    Southern Rift montane forest-grassland mosaic


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