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  • proper noun A taxonomic suborder within the order Diplostraca — the water fleas and related crustaceans.


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  • It will remind us of the union of the young Isopoda with the larval membrane and of the unpaired "adherent organ" on the nape of the Cladocera, which is remarkably developed in Evadne and persists throughout life; but in Daphnia pulex, according to Leydig, although present in the young animals, disappears without leaving a trace in the adults.

    Facts and Arguments for Darwin

  • His research interests range from ecology, limnology, biostatistics and modeling, through ecosystems functioning, global climate change, nitrogen and carbon cycling in temperate peatlands to taxonomy, ecology and biogeography of Rotifera, Cladocera and Copepoda.

    Contributor: Leszek A. Bledzki

  • For example, the sediment record from a lake in Finland shows that Cladocera, a type of zooplankton, began to appear around 150 years ago.

    Broad-scale effects of climate change on freshwater systems in the Arctic

  • Biological indicators useful for lake-level reconstructions include the ratio of planktonic to littoral Cladocera as an index of the relative size of the littoral zone or water depth of northern lakes [6].

    Historical changes in freshwater ecosystems in the Arctic

  • While such information allows for quantitative reconstruction of lake levels, errors in projecting lake water depth from Cladocera, chironomids, and diatoms may be large [7].

    Historical changes in freshwater ecosystems in the Arctic

  • During this period of warming, diatom communities changed from benthic – periphytic to pelagic, Cladocera increased in abundance, and chrysophytes became less numerous.

    Effects of climate change on general hydro-ecology in the Arctic

  • There were also 3 species of protozoa, 10 species of rotifer, 1 species of Cladocera, and 2 species of copepods.

    Chapter 6

  • We both were attracted by Crustacea, particularly by Cladocera.

    Konrad Lorenz - Autobiography

  • Later, studying the larval development of the brine shrimp, we discovered the ressemblance between the Euphyllopod larva and adult Cladocera, both in respect to movement and to structure.

    Konrad Lorenz - Autobiography

  • Ruiz%Sanchez picked up a beaker of water, cloudy with thousands of cultured Cladocera and Cyclops, and poured nearly half of it into the subtly glowing amphora.

    A Case Of Conscience


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