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  • n. Greek Mythology One of the three Fates, the spinner of the thread of destiny.

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  • proper n. Oecobius, a genus of arachnids, wall spiders.
  • proper n. The youngest of the three Fates, or Moirae, daughter of Zeus and Themis; the spinner of the thread of life

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  • n. In zoology: A genus of mollusks.
  • n. Agenus of tubitelarian spiders, of the family Agalenidœ: a synonym of Uroctea.
  • n. A genus of venomous African serpents, of the family Viperidæ. C.
  • n. A genus of humming-birds.

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  • n. the Greek goddess of fate who spins the thread of life


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Greek Klōthō, from klōthein, to spin.

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From Greek κλώθω (klotho), to spin.


  • She is named Durand's Clotho (_Clotho Durandi_, LATR.), in memory of him who first called attention to this particular Spider.

    The Life of the Spider

  • One, called Clotho, carries a spindle on which is wound flax.

    The Children's Book of Celebrated Pictures

  • Though the English loss was comparatively very small, the Clotho was a good deal exposed, and two men were killed -- one so close to Clarence that his clothes were splashed with blood.

    Chantry House

  • The identities of "Clotho" and "Lachesis" cannot even be guessed at. [p. 122] 22.

    Flashman and the angel of the lord

  • It made no difference that I had been Exec under Andy Royce, the skipper of the "Clotho," the ship with the biggest confirmed kill in the entire Fleet Scouting Force.

    A Question of Courage

  • "You think right, suh, an 'I daresay you are familiar with the classical names we three have adopted, bein' those of the Parcae - Lachesis, Clotho, an 'myself, Atropos - tho' I hope to convince you that those of the Eumenides would have been more fittin '."


  • There was no sign of Lachesis and Clotho, but Atropos was writing at the table, and Annette was on hand, stony-eyed but mighty jimp in a gown that seemed to consist of flowers and gauze.


  • Clotho saw it, for he called to Joe to look out, and the pistol was jammed into my back ... and all the while I could hear the morning traffic rumbling in the street far below the curtained windows, and the distant knocks of porters rousing guests


  • I didn't undervalue the choleric Colonel Clotho or the grim-voiced Lachesis, either; there was authority and purpose in the way they sat themselves down at either end of a table, the hooded heads facing me; from what the fat monster had said, the hidden faces must be well-known, to Americans at least.


  • I told him, and Clotho gave a muffled grunt, while Atropos let smoke trickle slowly out of his nostrils, and nodded over my head to Joe.



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