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  • guyana > James Singh endangering CANU Officers lives while making cocaine deals On March 24 2009 a passenger on board Delta Airline was held at JFK, with18 kilograms of Cocaine.

    propaganda press! freedom now Guyana

  • From the last three terrible movies Terry Gilliam has made, I think we should all remember the immortal words of Rick James: Cocaine is a helluva drug.

    Here Thar Be Spoilers and Drug References

  • Cocaine is an alkaloid which is contained in the Erythroxylon coca which grows in the Andes mountains of Peru and Bolivia 1000 to 3000 m. above sea level. 1 The first use of cocaine in history was by the Peruvian Indians in the 6th century who chewed on the coca leaves for the sense of wellness and endurance which it produced and who believed it to be a part of the Inca religion. 2

    Cocaine Toxicity

  • Cocaine is absorbed from all sites of application including mucous membranes and the gastrointestinal mucosa.

    Cocaine Toxicity

  • In 1980, Moon made more friends in South America when a right-wing alliance of Bolivian military officers and drug dealers organized what became known as the Cocaine Coup.

    Printing: WTimes' Hypocritical Obama-Nazi Slur

  • The violent putsch became known as the Cocaine Coup because it made Bolivia the region's first narco-state.

    Why Journalist Gary Webb Died

  • Confusing it and its effects with crack Cocaine is the sort if thing I would like to see cleared up.

    Freud ..not that one

  • 'Confusing [cocaine] and its effects with crack Cocaine is the sort if thing I would like to see cleared up ...

    Freud ..not that one

  • He claims Cocaine is "350 percent stronger than Red Bull" but that people do not experience the "sugar crash" or jitters that he says some of the other energy drinks can produce.

    ‘Cocaine’ in a Can | Impact Lab

  • Cocaine is vanishing up the noses of professional and respectable and successful Ireland, with alacrity.

    Binge Drinking a Major Problem in Ireland | Impact Lab


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