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  • proper n. The video game development company Codemasters (formerly Code Masters).


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Diminutive with -ie.


  • Codies '"first internally produced new IP for many years" will be shredding environments in Q1


  • His experience on the track has been useful for the team at Codies to better represent the physics and nuances of the cars and tracks.

  • Under development at Codies 'Guilford Studio, the game is being built using the EGO Game Technology platform which is the tech behind many of Codemasters' recent chart successes such as Race Driver: Grid and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

    The game retail industry according to MCV

  • The first time you boot up F1 2010, you'll be taken immediately to a press conference, which serves not just as a method to establish your identity in the game (enter your name, country of origin, and the like) but also as a representative sample of how Codies is approaching your experience in F1.

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  • While fans on the boards are predictably upset, we're hard-pressed to find fault in Codies 'DLC strategy.

    Joystiq [PlayStation]

  • As anyone knows, the Codies are best known for their racing titles like the Dirt franchise and the Grid franchise.

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  • The Codies are unhappy about this turn of events because they claim that these ex-employees who are now at Playground had access to Codemasters trade secrets and confidential information that they claim the new start-up studio is using to get a head start on the development of a rumored new racing title.

    "MAIN" via Steve in Google Reader

  • Codies for endorsing D3 or Dave for promoting Red Bull? oh and lets hope Dirt 3 has more emphasis on actual rally


  • Codies new racing games, they look brill and I've loved all of their previous ones!


  • But the developer has been working at Codies since May


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