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  • The new rhino has been dubbed Coelodonta thibetan.

  • One more thing: it's worth noting that Coelodonta now has a record extending back to the mid Pliocene, with the Chinese species C. nihowanensis being known from sediments deposited in a dry, cold habitat (Deng 2002).

    Are Sumatran rhinos really ‘living fossils’?

  • So how does Coelodonta fit in among extant rhino species?

    Are Sumatran rhinos really ‘living fossils’?

  • The inclusion of Coelodonta within the elasmotheres has not been followed by other rhino workers (e.g. Antoine & Welcomme 2000, Antoine 2003), and the idea that Stephanorhinus might be well away from Dicerorhinus has been heavily criticised (Fortelius et al. 2003).

    Are Sumatran rhinos really ‘living fossils’?

  • It is invariably stated that they are particularly close to the Pleistocene woolly rhino, Coelodonta, and it is often implied that their persistence to the presence is remarkable and that they should be regarded as an anachronism.

    Are Sumatran rhinos really ‘living fossils’?

  • The beginning of the Holocene was marked by the end of a glaciations of the Pleistocene and by the occurrence of multiple climatic changes that affected the distribution of the vegetation causing an extinction of many mammals that flourished during the Pleistocene; for example, the mammoth, deinotherius, the fleecy rhino Coelodonta, etc.

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  • The Coelodonta thibetana fossil dates to about 3.7 million years ago, about a million years before other known woolly rhinos. rss feed

  • For a long time Coelodonta lived exclusively in an area of central China around 6,000 kilometres away and east of Lake Baikal.


  • These have only now been pieced together at Weimar's Senckenberg Research Institute to make this the most complete Coelodonta tologoijensis in the world.


  • The skull of Coelodonta tologoijensis belongs to the Weimar collections.



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