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  • n. An association of Communist parties of the world, established in 1919 by Lenin and dissolved in 1943.

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  • proper n. An international association of Communist parties, established in 1919 by Lenin.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Russian komintern, abbreviation of Kommunisticheskiĭ Internatsional, Communist International.

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From Russian Коминтерн (Komintérn), contracted abbreviation of Коммунистический интернационал (Kommunístíčeskij internacionál, "Communist International"), from коммунистический + интернационал.


  • One organization captured by the Neo-Comintern is Freedom House.

    Think Progress » Hadley Defends Cheney’s Claim That Insurgency Was In Its “Last Throes”

  • In the meantime we were trying hard to get past the facade of bureaucrats, jacks in office, and time servers, which seemed to constitute the "Comintern," as We found it, to those real Bolsheviks whom we believed were somewhere in Moscow-real Leninists who would listen and understand and appreciate, who would not be out to attack us but to give us their comradely advice.

    Sidney Percival Bunting

  • We have already forged a new transnational nation, a kind of Comintern, that acts as a mobile pressure group with shared goals and ideologies sans frontieres most notably in the West - the immigrant lobby. News

  • (The word "Comintern" doesn't occur in Dickstein's index.)

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  • I did not say that Koestler was a senior agent of the Comintern.

    Letters to the Editor

  • He was a comparatively junior member of the German Communist Party in Exile, a reporter for the News Chronicle, and a secret propagandist for Willi Münzenberg (who was an agent of the Comintern).

    Letters to the Editor

  • His boss, Münzenburg, was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Comintern, as Scammell concedes.

    Letters to the Editor

  • Another adviser sent him an intercepted report from the Comintern, the international communist organization Moscow sponsored, boasting that after the war the Soviets planned to “let loose a Communist revolution on Germany in order to neutralize the effect of a victory by the Allies.”

    Wild Bill Donovan

  • The very white Afrikaaner union structures that led to the rise of the right-wing National Party in South Africa were partly created by the Comintern.

    Matthew Yglesias » Senator Richard Lugar Calls for New Approach to Cuba

  • Regarding the execrable pact between Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, which shocked many former communist sympathizers into lives of anticommunism, Mr. Hobsbawm dismisses the "zig-zags and turns of Comintern and Soviet policy," specifically the "about-turn of 1939-41," which "need not detain us here."

    How a True Believer Keeps the Faith


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