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  • adj. one of the three superior courts of common law at Westminster, presided over by a chief justice and four puisne judges. Its jurisdiction is confined to civil matters. Courts bearing this title exist in several of the United States, having, however, in some cases, both civil and criminal jurisdiction extending over the whole State. In other States the jurisdiction of the common pleas is limited to a county, and it is sometimes called a county court. Its powers are generally defined by statute.


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  • Guthrie‚Äôs reputation was sterling and he was one of the most scholarly, respected judges on the Common Pleas Court bench.


  • The Court of Common Pleas was the stage; Chief Justice Monahan presiding with a special jury.

    Oscar Wilde

  • MOSES moved to strike out, in the first section, in the tax on income, the following: "Clerks of Courts of Common Pleas and General Sessions, Sheriffs, Masters and Commissioners in Equity, Registers in Equity, Registers of Mense Conveyance."

    Journal of the Senate of South Carolina: Being the Session of 1862.

  • A resolution authorizing the Commissioners of Public Buildings to permit the removal of records in the Court of Common Pleas back to Charleston; which were concurred in, and returned to the House of Representatives.

    Journal of the Senate of South Carolina: Being the Session of 1862.

  • It belongs to the courts of Chancery, Common Pleas and Exchequer as well as the King's Bench; Bac.

    Cases of habeas corpus, decided by the Supreme Court of North Carolina, at the June term, 1863,

  • That after warrant is issued against any person or persons, for a violation of this Act, it shall be the duty of the Clerk of the Court of General Sessions and Common Pleas for the District in which the offence is charged, upon the application, under oath, of either party, prosecutor or defendant, to issue a rule of survey in the case, giving five days 'notice thereof to the opposite party; the cost of such rule and survey to be taxed in the bill of costs upon the final adjudication of the case.

    Journal of the Senate of South Carolina: Being the Session of 1862.


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