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  • proper n. Asteraceae. A taxonomic family within the order Asterales — the composite plants.


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Latin compositus ("made up of parts")


  • Asteracea family, which used to be called the Compositae family (and still is in some field guides).

    A Passion for Nature

  • One of the extensive family of Compositae, its long, tapering and shapely buds suggest an even better show than the common dandelion – but in general the flower doesn't live up to its youthful promise, lasting only a short time.

    Country diary: North Derbyshire

  • First the two most insect-prone families – the economically important Fabales (including the legumes and milkworts) and the Compositae (the daisy or sunflower family) – will be moved into the new wing.

    Kew Gardens: 'Plants are not just beautiful. They help us to survive'

  • Only the sunflower (Asteraceae, or Compositae), legume (Fabaceae, or Leguminosae), and orchid (Orchidaceae) families are larger.


  • The region is considered as a center for plant diversity for the genera Hechtia, Salvia and some Compositae.

    Tehuacán Valley matorral

  • The pistil consists of a stigma supported on a style; but in some Compositae, the male florets, which of course cannot be fecundated, have a rudimentary pistil, for it is not crowned with a stigma; but the style remains well developed and is clothed in the usual manner with hairs, which serve to brush the pollen out of the surrounding and conjoined anthers.

    Darwin and the vermiform appendix - The Panda's Thumb

  • The highlands of Guatemala are the northernmost reaches for the páramo vegetation of the northern Andes, including the families, Umbelliferae and Compositae.

    Biological diversity in Mesoamerica

  • The two outstanding features of the representation of families in the southern Drakensberg flora are the high percentages of Compositae (285 species) and of monocotyledons (five families), which together comprise over 55% of the flora.

    UKhahlamba Drakensberg Park, South Africa

  • There are also 64 endemic genera, including 21 from the family Umbelliferae and 12 from the family Compositae.

    Biological diversity in the mountains of Central Asia

  • The last named species, which is listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) as rare or possibly endangered, is of particular botanical interest as a woody member of a mainly herbaceous genus, and also because of its isolation from related genera within the Compositae.

    Henderson Island, United Kingdom


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