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  • proper n. In English history, people whose religious practices conformed with the requirements of the Act of Uniformity and so were in concert with the Established Church, the Church of England -- as opposed to those of Nonconformists whose practices were not acceptable to the Church of England.


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  • Rob Lineberger at DVD Verdict echoes these sentiments, stating without ambiguity that "Bernardo Bertolucci's The Conformist is a great film," before going on quickly to modify that statement: "Like great novels or great works of music, The Conformist's greatness brings with it certain plusses and minuses.

    GreenCine Daily: DVDs, 12/17.

  • The Conformist was the pinnacle of classy, smart Italian filmmaking, "he goes on to compare Bertolucci to his contemporaries:"

    GreenCine Daily

  • You'd do better in Italy circa 1935 see Bertolucci's "Conformist".

    MFA -- many fools available?

  • The Conformist is a great film, "before going on quickly to modify that statement:

    GreenCine Daily

  • See a movie called the 'Conformist', a lighting masterpiece, when watching this movie, consider that most movies are shot w / tungsten balanced film, sensible because when shooting inside on the set, traditionally, the scenes were lit w / tungsten lights, and when the crew moves outside on exteriors, the Asst. Cameraman doesn't have to be told to slap on the 85B in front of the lens, a warm filters which balances the film for the additional blue hitting the scene from the sun.

  • Even before the scandalous Last Tango In Paris, he'd dealt with fascism, murder, terrorism, incest and other hot potatoes in films like The Conformist, La Luna, The Spider's Stratagem and Before The Revolution.

    This week's new film events

  • 'Richard III' 1995 This rousing version, directed by Richard Loncraine, relocates the play to a fictional fascist England of the mid-1930s that suggests some surreal convergence of Sir Oswald Mosley's blackshirts with the sumptuous decadence of Bernardo Bertolucci's "The Conformist."

    Soderbergh Goes 'Haywire' With a Fast, Stylish Thriller

  • Rebel and Non-Conformist to outdated traditions, views and beliefs!

    Chicago here she comes for 2009 BlogHer Conference.

  • "The Conformist": What kind of man gets himself in such a pickle that, on his honeymoon, he's given a gun and asked to kill a professor he's always admired?

    Jesse Kornbluth: 'Eat Pray Love' Merchandise Gets 72 Hours On Home Shopping Network. Doesn't That Miss The Point?

  • That is the question presented to us at the beginning of "The Conformist," as Marcello Clerici (Jean-Louis Trintignant) sits in a Paris hotel room, waiting for the call that will tell him it's time to kill the professor.

    Jesse Kornbluth: 'Eat Pray Love' Merchandise Gets 72 Hours On Home Shopping Network. Doesn't That Miss The Point?


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