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  • This is known as the Conjunctive or Hypothetical proposition.

    Deductive Logic

  • Religions In Fowler's Stage 5 "Conjunctive" faith (mid-life crisis) acknowledges paradox and transcendence relating reality behind the symbols of inherited systems.

    Answerbag: Latest Questions in Question Categories

  • The Strange Practice of Indicting in the Conjunctive: »

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “School Children Singing the Praises of President Obama” (Apparently as a Public School Class Project):

  • Conjunctive Faith: Sometime around 35 or 40 or beyond some people undergo a change to what we call conjunctive faith, which is a kind of midlife way of being in faith.

    Fully Human, Fully Divine: James Fowler and Evelyn Underhill

  • In James Fowler's stages of faith, Harris is doing battle with Stage 2 (“Mythic literal”) and Stage 3 (“Synthetic-Conventional”)–devout religious people–and then wielding his intellectual sword on Stage 4 (“Individuative-Reflective”) and Stage 5 (“Conjunctive Faith”) whenever he turns his attention on religious moderates/liberals.

    More on Why the New Atheists Will Fail

  • Conjunctive overlap and Conjunctive inclusion are commonly called

    Logic of Belief Revision

  • An operation ÷ for K is a transitively relational partial meet contraction if and only if it satisfies the six basic postulates and in addition both Conjunctive overlap and Conjunctive inclusion.

    Logic of Belief Revision

  • Routley requires for a connexive logic the rejection or qualification of Conjunctive Simplification (or equivalent schemata).

    Connexive Logic

  • Examples of non-trivial inconsistent systems of connexive logic satisfying Conjunctive Simplification are presented in Sections 1.4 and 1.5.

    Connexive Logic

  • Since every non-trivial system of connexive logic has to omit some classical tautologies, and since the standard paradoxes of non-relevant, material implication can be avoided by rejecting Conjunctive Simplification, i.e.,

    Connexive Logic


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