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  • Conjured from the southernmost tip of the subcontinent, in the state of Tamil Nadu, these films offer up a parallel universe not only for Indian cinema but for anyone's.

    The Cinema of Cruelty and Kindness

  • Conjured by swift phrases, they seem to flitter past as we watch, but leave indelible impressions of movement and colour.

    Poem of the week: A Trace of Wings by Edwin Morgan

  • Only in the Conjured form called a "Firemare" could they actually, physically, touch and be touched.

    red dust

  • Conjured balls of starlings roll out and upward, shoaling from their descending lines, thickening and pulling in on themselves, a black bloom burst from the seedbed of birds.

    A Year on the Wing

  • Billy Ray is set to write and direct an adaptation of Friz Leiber's 1952 novel "Conjured Wife."

    Conjure Wife Adaptation

  • Conjured material wasn't good for anything permanent.

    If I Pay Thee Not In Gold

  • Conjured gold could have been stamped with imprints taken from real coins, but where would Xylina have gotten so many different coins?

    If I Pay Thee Not In Gold

  • Conjured out of nothing by three gold-hungry Roman commissioners.

    The Grass Crown

  • Conjured by a magic even more powerful than Clothahump's.

    The Day of the Dissonance

  • Conjured up from memory, his blond father appeared to tower over him, a red cross on the shoulder of his white mantle.

    The Saracen: Land of the Infidel


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