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  • proper n. A surname.


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From Irish Ó Connalláin.


  • One of the other things that is quickly becoming clear in Conlon’s tenure is his commitment to community and educational programs.

    After the

  • Neil Gaught, of Gaught Conlon, a brand consultancy, thinks that Sony has frittered away the brand equity it used to have; by failing to keep that emotional connection with customers, by not making products that they would really "love" a phrase that you often hear Apple users employ, it has sacrificed itself on the altar of price competition.

    A game that Sony must win

  • Seven years ago, New York City ­police officer Edward Conlon published a terrific law-enforcement memoir called "Blue Blood" and for several years before that, using a pseudonym, wrote a police diary for the New Yorker magazine.

    Sleuths and the City

  • But Mr. Conlon, ­already showing a mature novelist's skill, has produced an accomplished work full of wisdom and adrenaline, contemplation and action, pride and regret.

    Sleuths and the City

  • Conlon wrote that the First Amendment does not protect citizens who record the police.

    Chicago State's Attorney Lets Bad Cops Slide, Prosecutes Citizens Who Record Them

  • The orchestra under James Conlon sounded excellent, but it is true that the sound is often distant since they are covered over in a pit below the stage level due to the requirements of the production.

    The eyes have it

  • A little bird tells me that even James Conlon, conductor and music director, was a little apprehensive about the idea of being brought out for his curtain call by an exceedingly long-armed Michelle DeYoung in her endlessly plaintive Fricka costume.

    Solid Gold

  • Conlon said there are many mosquito-borne diseases — such as West Nile virus or Eastern equine encephalitis — that continue to be a concern.

    Mosquitoes swarm from breeding grounds left by Hurricane Irene

  • Many affected areas have begun spraying insecticides to keep the mosquito population under control, Conlon added.

    Mosquitoes swarm from breeding grounds left by Hurricane Irene

  • Conlon noted North Carolina's Outer Banks, as well as areas of Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey and Massachusetts have been greatly affected by mosquitoes.

    Mosquitoes swarm from breeding grounds left by Hurricane Irene


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