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  • This is seen from the testimony of Valerius Corvinus who was made Consul at twenty three years [of age]; and Valerius said, talking to his soldiers, that the Consulship was the reward of virtu, not of blood.


  • Accordingly we began work on what he called The Secret History of My Consulship β€”the fourth and final version of his autobiography, and by far the truest, a book which he intended to be the basis of his defense if he was put on trial, which has never been published, and which I have drawn on to write this memoir.


  • Burton the Consulship, caused his application to be forwarded to the proper quarter β€” the Bombay Government.

    The Romance of Isabel Lady Burton

  • Consulship at Damascus from the time he was appointed, in November,

    The Romance of Isabel Lady Burton

  • We know every step that he took: we know how, by doses of cannon-balls promptly administered, he cured the fever of the sections β€” that fever which another camp-physician (Menou) declined to prescribe for; we know how he abolished the Directory; and how the Consulship came; and then the Empire; and then the disgrace, exile, and lonely death.

    The Paris Sketch Book

  • Consulship of L. Quintius; but he completely negated this decision, saying that they should seek to destroy the evil example not to increase their number with other worse examples, and he desired they create new Consuls.


  • [Minitius], he did not want the besieged army to share in the booty, saying these words to them: I do not want you to share in the booty of those to whom you had been about to become prey; and he deprived Minitius of the Consulship, and made him Legate, saying to him: You will remain in this grade until you have learned to be


  • Republic, after the Consulship came to the Pleb, admitted all its


  • Pleb that it merited the Consulship because they were the majority in the City, because they bore more of the danger in war, [and] because they were the ones who with their arms maintained Rome free and made it powerful: and this desire seeming to them to be reasonable (as has been said), they turned to obtain this authority by whatever means.


  • In these troubles and disorders the Plebs came and turned to Marius with his reputations, so that they made him Consul four times; and with few intervening intervals that his Consulship continued so that he was able by himself to make himself Consul another three times.



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