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  • "Contemptible," spoke Miss Meecher, and her thin lips closed tightly.

    Murder Canyon

  • "Contemptible, " Broken Thumb said with deep bitterness.


  • Limbaugh Picks Fight with Military After "Contemptible" Comments yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Limbaugh Picks Fight with Military After "Contemptible" Comments'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: An Iraq vet challenges Limbaugh to go mano e mano.'

    Limbaugh Picks Fight with Military After "Contemptible" Comments

  • OpEdNews - Article: Limbaugh Picks Fight with Military After "Contemptible" Comments

    Limbaugh Picks Fight with Military After "Contemptible" Comments

  • On the back the normal folderol of praise but whimsically listed under, 'Contemptible Compliments'.

    Michael Jones: Johannes Cabal: The Detective

  • Both St. Barack of Obama and Hillary the Contemptible are unelectable in November against McCain no matter how much we wish it were otherwise.

    Video: Obama's South Carolina Victory Speech

  • Contemptible race baiting of the lowest order, or just a desperate but straightforward last-minute political maneuver to shore up direly needed black votes?

    Midterm Roundup

  • And before you accuse me of suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome or some such nonsense, know this: I suffer from Contemptible Fuckwad Derangement Syndrome.

    Dan Sweeney: The Case Against Jeb

  • Contemptible as it is, the Hawthorn Group was understandably proud that Barack Obama and other candidates for President adopted their very language saying, “Soon our message was repeated back to us from the podium by the candidates themselves.”

    Gag Me with Clean Coal

  • I had found Lightning Passion, and Lust for a Contemptible Inferior, and Adoration of a Superior, and none exactly to the purpose.



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