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  • proper noun A female given name.


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From coral.


  • As a former University of Miami Law student, I agree that Coral Gables is a nice suberb of Miami and certainly a fun place for college students to go out on Thursday nights, but anyone who is telling visitors to hang out in Coral Gables over South Beach probably is writing his piece from a location anywhere other than Florida. Anthropomorphizing Coral Gables

  • On Columbus Day, Van Hollen sat behind Obama like a watchful piano instructor as the president repeated the analogy to a crowd of donors at the palatial waterfront home of basketball player Alonzo Mourning in Coral Gables, Fla.

    Maryland's Chris Van Hollen works to keep the House in Democrats' hands

  • The last time I checked, they have newspapers, radio, TV, and internet service in Coral Gables, which is the part of Miami where the former governor now lives.

    Not So Secret

  • The University of Miami, located in Coral Gables, is one of the great success stories of American private higher education. Admit It, After Reading This You Want to be Our Dean

  • The property sold in Coral Gables drew more interest.

    Selling a 'Fraud' Portfolio

  • Yesterday I saw it ranging from $2.17 on US 1 in Coral Gables to $2.09 in Coconut Grove.

    Gas Price Survey

  • After dinner it was still light out, so I took 'noz on a tour of the area, swinging through my old neighborhood in Coral Gables (my old house has been nicely painted, landscaped, and is still for rent), then a drive-through of the University of Miami campus, including past the Ring Theatre, my old hang-out when I was a student there 35 years ago.

    Dinner with a Friend

  • Sounds familiar -- Feds crack down on mortgage fraud in Coral Gables.

    Short Takes

  • In the blocks nearest my house, Coral is something between a street and an alley, passing along the backs and sides of houses until it gets closer to the old elementary school. posted by Elizabeth Perry in art, cities, sketch | * | 5 comments comments

    sidewalk | clusterflock

  • The building is permitted (that's very significant in Coral Gables!) and the elegant outside is already designed. UM Law May Have a New Building Much Sooner than You'd Think


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