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  • Hannah Shoecraft told another, cousin that, for her part, she never believed that Ruth had so much more "mind" than other people; and Cousin

    The Gilded Age A tale of today

  • My cousin Harlowe, the dear creature’s father, as soon as he saw me, said, O Cousin, Cousin, of all our family, you are the only one who have nothing to reproach yourself with! —

    Clarissa Harlowe

  • I therefore proposed that he should be a farmer; which you know, Cousin, is a favourite scheme of mine.

    Chapter 5

  • Our take: A wild woman who'd eventually appear on Celebrity Rehab, Lisa alienated everyone in the house so that her only real friend was a tree out back that she called "Cousin It."

    Our Take on the America's Next Top Model All-Stars

  • My Cousin is over there and I pray everyday for her safe return home but faced with the fact taht she might be killed over there.

    Blitzer: Most explosive charges I can remember

  • Cousin is beach volleyball player Misty May; father is former Australian tennis pro Phil Dent.

  • Cousin is Ken Allen, plays on the defensive line at Louisiana State ...

  • The statement had fallen on quite unheeding ears in Cousin Jasper's case, but had been treasured up by the butler.

    The Windy Hill

  • At that very moment he should have been rolling up to the door in Cousin Jasper's big car, to inquire for the much-detested Eleanor Brighton.

    The Windy Hill

  • There were trees beyond the wall, not the trimmed, well-kept kind that grew in Cousin Jasper's garden, but a scrubby growth of box elder and silver-leaved poplar such as spring up in myriads where the grass is never cut.

    The Windy Hill


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