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  • n. See Cancer.


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  • In my case I chose frozen pastry shells good old Pepperidge Farms and created a cream sauce and added cooked crab and asparagus to it to produce Crab and Asparagus Puffs.

    Herbal Triptych

  • I hadn't anything to say to that, but stood watching the Sound and the ridge of rocks between Pendruan and the tall rock under White Island that they call the Crab Pot.


  • This beach is only interrupted in the middle, where a rocky point juts out at the beginning of the shallow bridge of rocks that separates White and Marazan Sounds opposite to the little island that they call the Crab Pot.


  • And first out popped the head of the Crab from the crevice he had taken shelter in; and he cocked his eyes knowingly, first to one side, and then to the other, and began to talk; for he had always plenty to say for himself, and was remarkably bold when there was no danger.

    Parables From Nature

  • This is Mortimer … He is a Blue Crab from the Chesapeake Bay.

    2008 July archive at

  • Zac Pellacio from Fatty Crab is coming to Times Square [NY Mag]

    Midtown Links (Jamaican Black Cake Edition) | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of NYC's Midtown Manhattan

  • – with what a roar that wave came down! and yet it did no harm – didn't even dislodge the Crab from the new crevice he had squeezed himself into for the present.

    Parables From Nature

  • Nestled in a separate building across from the Framers Market is a fresh fish store called The Crab Shack.

    Steve Poses: Farm Stands of Mercer County, NJ

  • Another honorable mention is the crispy pork and watermelon salad at Fatty Crab, which is otherwise a sort of annoying restaurant.


  • The next day one of my sons came to meet us in Las Vegas, and we went to Joe's Stone Crab, which is excellent, and where the key lime pie may be even better than the key lime pie at Joe's Stone Crab in Miami Beach, if such a thing is possible.

    Nora Ephron: My Weekend in Vegas


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