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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Rosaceae — the crataeguses or hawthorns, native to cool climates in the Northern Hemisphere.


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From Ancient Greek κράτος (kratos, "strength") because of the hard wood. Named by botanist Carl von Linnaeus (1707-1778).


  • The Crataegus monogyna, named a “Listed Natural Monument” in Greece

    Picture 226 « Excavation History « Interactive Dig Crete – Zominthos Project

  • The most characteristic feature of the site is the tree Crataegus monogyna (the common hawthorn), which stands at a height of 12 meters (39 feet), and is the tallest-known example of its species.

    Picture 226 « Excavation History « Interactive Dig Crete – Zominthos Project

  • Among the shrubs are Crataegus monogyna, Euonimus europea, Cornus mas, C. sanguinea, Rhamnus frangula, R. catharctica, Viburnum opulus, Berberis vulgaris, Hippophae rhamnoides, Tamarix spp. and occasional Corylus avellana.

    Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Romania

  • Unlike their English counterparts in the same Crataegus family, they are sweet, but you still have to spit out the hard pips.


  • Beneath the cathedral of great walnut trees an under-storey of wild apples, cherry plums and the sweet fruiting hawthorn, Crataegus ponticus, grew in thickets and clearings.


  • Standing beside the spring was a wishing tree, an old hawthorn, Crataegus turkestanica, a tattered thing, decorated with hundreds of ribbons, shreds of bleached, coloured cloth, even a tiny prayer, rolled tightly in a scroll and hung by cotton on a branch.


  • People were also trading expensive shelled walnut kernels, and wholesale quantities of the sweet wild hawthorn fruit of Crataegus ponticus.


  • I believe the horticultural name is Crataegus viridis, cultivar Winter King a type of hawthorn.

    A to Z: R is for Red Letters

  • Hi Pille - Hawthorn Berries are genus Crataegus while the sea-buckthorn is genus Hippophae.

    Tea - Hawthorn Berry

  • If you're interested in helping them with the fifth volume, click on the QUERIES link at the left and see if you know any of the terms they're asking about, from slang-jang 'A dish containing oysters, onions, pickles, peppers, etc' to turkey apple, turkey haw 'A hawthorn Crataegus mollis.' ALASKAN TRADE.


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