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  • Crawlspace aka Jesse couldn't or wouldn't be bothered to tag you for a Meme.

    A shameful confession.

  • In the newest book, "Crawlspace," Jake may have trouble achieving a toasty R-23 insulation rating, but she does manage to chase down a homicidal maniac.

  • "Crawlspace," which came out in January, is the 13th installment in the series, featuring the circular-saw-wielding amateur detective Jacobia "Jake" Tiptree.

  • But some of my stories are inspired by songs — for instance, I never would have written “The Crawlspace of the World” if not for “The Absence of God” by Rilo Kiley, and the characters in the story have names taken from the song.

    Tim’s Sunday Quickie: Music to Write By «

  • But if you want to sit back for 73 minutes with a good old-fashioned chiller, Crawlspace may be for you.

    Crawlspace (1972)

  • I think what makes Crawlspace work so well is that the focus is not on the guy who lives in the crawlspace.

    Crawlspace (1972)

  • Unfortunately in the 1972 TV-movie Crawlspace, recently released by Wild Eye, this adoption leads into a terrifying tale of obsession and violence.

    Crawlspace (1972)

  • Crawlspace 1972 | Fatally Yours skip ahead to content

    Crawlspace (1972)

  • Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed watching Crawlspace.

    Crawlspace (1972)

  • Seriously, Crawlspace is a pretty groovy TV-flick back when atmosphere, mood, and great characters were important in a horror film.

    Crawlspace (1972)


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