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  • Monsieur Turboone, his French Doctor in Pension, to admit of a Doctor or two of her recommending, who shall amuse him with discourse till we get our selves married; and to make it the more ridiculous, I will release Sir Credulous from the Basket, I saw it in the Hall as I came through, we shall have need of the fool.

    Sir Patient Fancy

  • The author at Muck and Mystery in a related article titled Credulous Foxes writes:

    Tackling Tetlock, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Credulous wine-sellers in the UK are encouraging their customers to avoid drinking wine on certain days of the month on the grounds that the lunar cycle will alter the taste of the wine.

    Boing Boing

  • Credulous cable-TV programs and sensationalized radio talk shows have replaced books and news media in spreading excitement and misinformation to millions.

    Six Decades Of UFO’s: Holding On To Smoke « Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

  • Credulous Lobby-Fodder, the Political Editor at The Tymes newspaper, said, 'Anyone who thinks being a so-called ‘Member’ of the Big Commons house makes them anything more than a laughing stock for media-savvy urban pseudo-sophisticates like me is just fooling themselves, and as for 'running the country'… well, you have to admire their wide-eyed naivety, if nothing else.'

    Big Commons

  • Credulous media accounts insist the only challenge now is whether Chrysler can hang on for two years until Fiat begins churning out U.S. versions of its popular European models in U.S. factories.

    Return of Le Car

  • Credulous voters believed his spin until it became painfully and suddenly apparent to even the most economically illiterate, that everything was heading South.

    Smoking Guns and the Morality of Parliamentary Privilege

  • From there to The Da Vinci Code -- or, as it should have been titled instead, 187 Convoluted Absurdities to Overlook: A Guide for the Historically Credulous -- is perhaps not so great a leap.

    Jack Huberman: Who's Screwing America -- Battle of the 100 Lists

  • Credulous wingnuts everywhere will no doubt take the bait.

    Jane Hamsher: Take Rush Limbaugh Off Armed Forces Radio Network

  • Credulous or not, they tell me what we suspected: that people are scattered all over the county.

    Avebury Archive « Squares of Wheat


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